Open up your mind/ Don’t be afraid to cry/ Everybody telling you all of their own nothing/ Hold me and tell me your everything. I don’t care what they say/ Only words of small minds projecting their own insecurities, too scared to realize real potential.

Real power is within the self. When you resist their need to conform, this will make you stand apart from the crowd. You will see the fear and regret that they did not resist the pressure to assimilate into a senseless pattern of thought. The only response left is to project themselves unto everyone else. After all is said and done, their remains of lives wasted are ifs and wishes. You walk away being firm in resolve to be more than the example of a mind stuck on a path not able to see the other roads that are around.

However, you must try to help them turn from the path of a mind held in muck and mire. It will be their choice to accept or deny your advice. Let them open their mind, listen without as they release what is within. This will be the most difficult part of the exchange as you are being attacked verbally with preconceived notions or uninformed opinions.


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