What if…?

  • Trump’s Presidential Campaign is a ruse
  • Jordan never promoted shoes
  • Reading is better than watching the News
  • There were no Haikus
  • People never had the Blues
  • We all looked, thought and felt the same
  • The artist’s heart were tame
  • There was no shame
  • Players never played the game
  • Everyone could be on the same page
  • All the world is not a stage
  • No one died alone in old age
  • Work was not a cage
  • This is not real life
  • There was no such thing as strife
  • I was blind
  • All animals could read your mind
  • Aliens are the same as our kind
  • The Universe is dying
  • Inventors stopped trying
  • Your teachers are lying
  • Alzheimer’s made you only remember the good things
  • People had wings
  • A Bird changes colors when it sings
  • Cooking was a waste of thyme
  • This post did not rhyme



Intolerance of tolerant people

For many years, there has been an agenda to silence those who do not agree with others. It started heavily in the late ’90s and has become a platform of those with little to no skills for intellectual debate.  Along with this is the agenda of fair treatment, while some who do not deserve it are up held on a pedestal. I and others grew up in the Era of Everybody-Gets-A-Trophy. Thankfully, my parents did not raise me to meet this “standard”. Before the insipid insults are hurled, my childhood was not perfect; yet I am grateful that I had some commonsense thinking instilled.

Just this past week on 5/24/2016, there was a Conservative event hosted by Milo Yiannopoulis. (https://youtu.be/Pw-MnRyIoQY?t=30m30s) For a quick synopsis, Milo is a gay conservative that is against extreme Feminism and other issues. He was invited by a Student Republican Organization at DePaul University in Chicago for a conservative event. The event was interrupted by ignorant/arrogant protestors that wanted no open exchange of ideas. Furthermore, they proceeded to call a young lady of the same race a white supremacist bigot. She was called this for expressing that hard work and determination will advance people. The organizers had paid for security, which was not provided. The event was eventually disbanded.

While I may not agree with everything the guest speaker puts forward, I do defend his First Amendment right to say it. What I do not defend is the violent, vitriolic venom spewed by those that oppose bullying and hate speech, while in the next breath/action do exactly what they are against.

Most, if not all, of the young people being taught in supposed tolerant Universities are experiencing censure such as this. One of the problems is that many are unaware of the intolerant ideals fostered in so-called arenas of higher education. Yes, you can express yourself if; you are gay and leftist, straight and keep your head down, male and subjugated, female and do not expose lies of extreme feminism.

Universities that espouse tolerance of intolerant behavior should be examined very closely, especially those receiving public funding. With the advances made in Civil Rights for all, there are some that would rather be living in the Orwellian Dystopia described in “1984”. We as a nation are headed for the Double-Speak and are already in Double-Think.

First gay bar

Two hours until close. Smells of sweat, cigarettes and cheap cologne permeate the air. My shyness has increased in this drunken haze. Furiously I contend with thoughts of paranoia in my head as mad scribbling in a small notebook proceeds. The faces of strangers turn into gross caricatures of humanity’s ills. Stumbling through the doors for some fresh air, I pass jesters and hide in the long swirl of a cigarette. I am the Orc in the realm of Fairies and Elves. Closing time as the night envelopes in its cool, tight blanket. Home once more, the effects wear off with only memories of cowardly shyness remaining.


I had a dream that we were together laughing as when we were younger. I turned for but a moment and you were gone, or was it me. I progressed in life and heard you found a wife. Life dealt us these hands, now we must play. This game is turning into charades. The smiles and cheers on parade. I had a dream I disappeared, never to be seen again. One day it turned out to be what I feared, you stayed and I did disappear. Just recently waking from the dream, I try to figure what it all means. Turning to see you there, fear was getting the better of me. It was just a dream.

Give me a song

Give me a song for the memories/ Time has passed so quick I hardly realize, Yesterday I remember younger eyes sparkling in the mirror/ Life seems to have flashed like lightning/ The good times and bad mean nothing now, Just whispers in the wind/ Give me a lineman for the county, Looking for the next overload/ Give me rainy days and Mondays, Getting me down/

Give me a song full of soul/ My heart has broken needing to pour the sadness/ I thought you loved me, Only used me for money/ Give me a cheatin’ heart, will make you weep/ Give me Baby please don’t go back to New Orleans/

Songs that had meaning, not just some noise/ Y’all today don’t know, No you don’t know what good music is/ Radio pumping electronic filtered voices pushing products/ Sponsors are grinning, They know they’re winning/ Give me a song to jive, thrive/ Give me a song to bring me alive