Contradictions of NY Governor

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Practical experience trumps theory, no matter how visionary

“I’ve realized that the best teacher isn’t theory but practice. Yes, the vision can sound good on paper or in a speech. Yes, it can inspire. But a good theory does not automatically lead to a good policy. I saw then how dangerous it can be for politicians, Democrats or Republicans, to wage political arguments from on high, with little knowledge of the ultimate consequences of their actions and decisions–and I hold fast to the memory.

Source: All Things Possible, by Andrew M. Cuomo, p. 30 , Oct 14, 2014

Liberals believe that government could solve all problems

“It took the White House and Congress just a few months to establish monumental programs like Model Cities, Head Start, Medicare, and Medicaid, and the Job Corps, and to pass the Elementary and Secondary Education Act that gave federal money to public schools for the first time. Democrats and liberals had a bedrock belief in the idea that the government could correct even the most otherwise intractable problems. They passed laws and established initiatives to ban literary tests at the polls, wipe out rural poverty, and force integration. The gospel was that government could solve all.”

Source: All Things Possible, by Andrew M. Cuomo, p. 18 , Oct 14, 2014


Public vs Police

In the past month, we have seen what happens when hate speech is treated equal to free expression. Specifically, “Pigs in a blanket, Fry them like bacon” and “Kill the police and white people.” I personally do not agree with these statements. They are detrimental to the safety of every citizen, as seen in Dallas members of a rally were also injured. 

Yes, granted there are issues of individual racism in society. However, that does not mean that every single police officer is a racist, nor does it mean that every single person of a skin color is racist. In my opinion, the best solution is to look at the individual and hold them accountable for their actions. That is the whole idea of personal responsibility. When generalizations are made, many that have nothing to do with the issue are affected in a very negative way.

I do support the theory of Black Lives Matter, not the practical application. When there is a higher rate of murder of innocent people within a community, one might want to solve the issues closer to the community before applying solutions outside of the community. 

Why is it that there are not many big name civil rights leaders going into Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and other predominately Black areas? Might it be due to the problem of theory needing to be revised when the practical application does not work?

I will respect the BLM, and any other activist program for the betterment of communities, when they stop saying slogans/ carrying banners and do some real community work. Real work such as educating the illiterate, organizing community business organizations and other real programs that are not supported by unseen and unaccountable funds.