Black Lives Matter

  • When it is an election year for Democrats.
  • When you do not pay attention to gun violence in gun controlled Democrat cities.
  • When a white Liberal, Socialist feels the need to be your savior.
  • When you are a mental slave to the Liberal, Socialist agenda.
  • When there is no true dialogue for real progress.
  • When every problem you have, makes you think you need a white person to fix it for you.
  • When you disregard the abortion rates in the black community.
  • When you do not think about the NINETY PERCENT homicide rate in THIRTEEN PERCENT of the population.
  • When facts of black on black homicide in Barrack Obama’s city of Chicago are ignored. 2016 Chicago violence rates
  • When hypocritical gangbangers that kill their own race scream “No Justice, No Peace”.
  • When you do not listen to the outrage of black people that are trying to get their message heard. Blacks against Black Lives Matter , Ladies making sense

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