GUNS!!!! (Legal Information)

Hello to all reading this post.

I am thinking of starting a website, free for the time being, that informs the public of New York about the firearm laws pertaining to New York (State and City).

It might involve other states later on but I am first wanting to inform New York state residents. If you are in another state, please research your State’s laws and send the information. Your research will help to update your State’s laws to the website easily and quickly.

I know that some people might not visit a website such as:, due to political and/or social opinions; Therefore, the website will be focused on informing LGBT+, African-Americans, Hispanics/Latinos and other minority groups.

I have noticed there is either a fear or misinformation of firearms among the aforementioned groups. We the people need more informed Americans (and New Citizens, Congratulations!) willing to exercise their rights granted by the Bill of Rights.

If anyone is interested in offering assistance, please leave a message. You can also share this post with others on Twitter, Facebook or whichever social media platform you use.

Great information for African-Americans (Conservatives or 2nd Amendment Advocates or the curious) is made by Colion Noir and The Doctor of Common Sense. Colion Noir YouTube channel is: .

The Doctor of Common Sense Youtube video in particular is: 

Chicago gun violence

Please refrain from vulgar language in your messages/comments. If you want to follow me on Twitter, please use @casskid38 . The photo above was originally posted by


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