An election came and passed, you still hold to old thought modes steadfast.

Blaming everything and everyone, yet too afraid to look in a mirror and even though you know the reason for your own misery, the thing is that you don’t want to accept it because it will cause your faulty logic to be wrecked, like a ship going side to side, and you don’t realize that you fell for real lies, sold a bill of goods but you never understood.

The lies you tell yourself, so there is a feeling of belonging, not knowing it is only you that is in the wrong thought/ speech/ clothes/ color.

All you see is what you want to believe, but in the real world no one cares about the feelings of a privileged Ivy League kid that is using their parent’s money to stay in shabby clothes in order to impress others because you have no standards and convictions of your own.

A fascinating fascination with your fascist self, which is projecting and spewing hate filled poison used to pacify logical arguments with facts that are provable because anything outside of your insular safe space is somehow dangerous to your hate speech which you call free speech.

If you think this about you, it is not.



How am I racist?

Recently, I have seen a youtube video in which there is a mentally ill person saying that by saying, “I’m not racist, I have friends that are not white” or “I don’t see color” is in some way racist. (Https://youtu.be/X3Opc41Vr9w)

The problem with this thinking, as the critic says, is that it goes against the very words of Martin King,Jr. . He said, “Judge by the content of character, not the color of skin.” So, going with the new definition of racism, MLK would be considered a racist. It would be interesting to see people given this quote and on the top of the paper is the title, “Is this quote racist?” .

Not all white people are racist, not all men are misogynist, not all heterosexual people are homophobic. Some are but not ALL. To say all people of group x,y,z are this or that, you are being discriminatory against people of group x,y,z.

If society is to truly progress, society must do away with seperation politics. By dividing people along lines of unattainable perfection, the people will naturally become divided.