I had a dream that we were together laughing as when we were younger. I turned for but a moment and you were gone, or was it me. I progressed in life and heard you found a wife. Life dealt us these hands, now we must play. This game is turning into charades. The smiles and cheers on parade. I had a dream I disappeared, never to be seen again. One day it turned out to be what I feared, you stayed and I did disappear. Just recently waking from the dream, I try to figure what it all means. Turning to see you there, fear was getting the better of me. It was just a dream.


Give me a song

Give me a song for the memories/ Time has passed so quick I hardly realize, Yesterday I remember younger eyes sparkling in the mirror/ Life seems to have flashed like lightning/ The good times and bad mean nothing now, Just whispers in the wind/ Give me a lineman for the county, Looking for the next overload/ Give me rainy days and Mondays, Getting me down/

Give me a song full of soul/ My heart has broken needing to pour the sadness/ I thought you loved me, Only used me for money/ Give me a cheatin’ heart, will make you weep/ Give me Baby please don’t go back to New Orleans/

Songs that had meaning, not just some noise/ Y’all today don’t know, No you don’t know what good music is/ Radio pumping electronic filtered voices pushing products/ Sponsors are grinning, They know they’re winning/ Give me a song to jive, thrive/ Give me a song to bring me alive

Sit and Wonder

Here I sit and wonder

What if I could change it all?

Go in the past to a fancy Ball

Would I do more?

Come out at 15 and walk out the door

Would I be me or fade away?

 Life’s experiences that make us this way

What if I chose to kiss him?

I regret that I dismissed him

Here I sit and wonder

The lonely years, the happy years

The laughter, The tears

Is this from where parallel universes come?

All our choices

Chosen different, Better

Here I sit and wonder

Are we the sum of our choices or is there something else?

This certainly can not be all